Born in Canada in 1980, Joyce Camilleri lived most of her childhood and adult life in her parents’ country of origin, Malta.

Camilleri currently fills a full-time artist teacher post at the Malta School of Art. Her visual language attempts to explore drawing and printmaking as distinct, nonetheless symbiotic art practices that extend into the painting realm. Her studio practice allows the artist to push the boundaries of essentially graphic elements through the use of mixed media, bringing about both figurative and quasi-abstract visual metaphors, which meander along the fine line that divides yet unites the real and the surreal.

Such arts-based research into fine-art media and materials enables Camilleri to explore the poetic space of contemporary drawing and painting, whilst constantly nourishing and revisiting an artistic process that is allowed to prevail over subject-matter. Artistic intent and process-led practices retain interchangeable roles throughout the artist’s approach to art theory and practice.

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