Sisters of Fate

An artistic intervention that makes part of a collective exhibition and collaborative project exploring the identity of the Mediterranean island of Gozo.

Belonging to an archipelago of sister islands Gozo can never be defined on her own, thus placing sisterhood at the core of this artistic intervention. Gozo is perceived as the middle child, who according to various theories and myths would always be second to her younger and older siblings. This visual narrative, however, bestows on Gozo the role of the prima donna.

As games and play are undoubtedly most natural social activities amongst siblings, the sisterhood dynamic is disambiguated through the originally Chinese ancient hand game, ‘rock-paper-scissors’, a game that reached the Western world in the early 20th century. Beyond Asian shores, this hand game soon became a widespread method of drawing lots in the West, and eventually a common household activity played by most siblings to seek compromise by matters of fate rather than justice. This artistic intervention explores and rethinks the dynamics of this apparently futile child activity by lending specific identities to these three objects of fate, which hence become subjects representative of the three sister islands.

Comino, the youngest of the three, is the ‘rock’; always in a relatively unchanged state, a preserved memory of the past semblance of the three islands.  Malta is baptized as the ‘scissors’, the eldest sibling, who in her sisters’ eyes thrives in the future and authoritatively imposes clear-cut decisions upon her younger siblings. Gozo is in turn the ‘paper’, the sister who lives in the present; an artwork constantly in the making yet as fragile as paper can be. She, the middle child, troubled by the dilemma of living up to her older sister’s cutting-edge standards and yet nostalgic and mesmerized by the sight of her younger sister’s organic beauty.

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