Fuga Modus

Fuga Modus is a solo art exhibition curated by Art Sweven and showcased at the recently established contemporary art gallery, ‘Il-Kamra ta’ Fuq’ in Mqabba, Malta. The exhibition boasts a collection of works produced exclusively on paper that transported the artist to ethereal places and ambiguous spaces that echo familiar Maltese landscapes and linger to unknown territories, where silence and tranquility reign.

Conceived at a time when travelling was not an option, and inspired by the poetry of Czeslaw Milosz, Fuga Modus, in English Flight Mode, is a body of work that recalls the moment we switch our mobile phones on flight mode once the aeorplane takes off; the urge to flee away from a reality that betrays our expectations from life; the need for nature when the city becomes claustrophobic. Nature rises triumphant in spaces void of human presence; an absence that is rendered questionable by the presence of the artist as a silent onlooker; the embodiment of the omnipresence of humanity even in its visual absence.

The raw manipulation of the paper medium and the limited palette are enriched by subtle hints of burnt umbers, ochres, and greys as they merge into an orchestration of velvety blacks and the intact tints of the underlying paper.

All artworks making part of this solo exhibition can be viewed here.

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